LogicMills measures and trains the skills that shape a global citizen in the 21st century through game-based learning, personal assessment tools and innovative experiential learning methods. 

Founded by Dr. Mark Nowacki in 2005, LogicMills has grown to become a leader in converging technology, education and games for the training of 21st century competencies. 

LogicMills sets itself apart from other enrichment coaching programmes through its unique curriculum and methodology designed to inspire lifelong learning and nurture holistic growth. We equip students with skills beyond what is taught in a classroom and develop individuals into confident communicators who are able to think on their feet. 


  • To date, more than 45,000 students from 70 local and international schools have benefitted from the LogicMills learning method. 

  • We are the only Ministry of Education (MOE) accredited institution of its kind in Singapore, having trained more than 2,000 teachers and certified over 150 educators in the LogicMills teaching method.

  • We have also trained thousands of executives in the public and private sector. 

  • We work with renowned institutions from all across the world, including BRAC (Bangladesh), Plymouth University (UK) and Max Planck Institute (Germany), among others, as well as a growing list of local partnerships in New Zealand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, South Korea and USA.