The 21st Century Competencies form the framework of our learning journey, and can be derived through  Situational Intelligence (SQ),  Collaborative Intelligence (CQ) and Global Intelligence (GQ). Each milestone represents a set of skills and values necessary to excel in the globalised world we live in.

SQ: The skills we need to make good decisions in a changing world

1. Jump in and know where you are (sizing up an environment)

2. Know what you can do (identify options and think ahead)

3. Do it and see if it works (responsive and feedback to environment)

CQ: The skills we need to work with others

1. Communication skills

2. Team-building (forming team dynamics and structures)

3. EQ (knowing and managing yourself and others)

GQ: The qualities we need to be an effective global citizen

1. First, know your own values

2. Thereafter, you can be open to others from all walks of life

3. This openness allows you to draw upon the talents of yourself and others, sometimes leading and sometimes following, in order to get things done

4. When you are comfortable doing that, you are a global citizen