In today’s competitive work environment, it is essential for working professionals to be competent thinkers who are able to troubleshoot on their feet.

Our Analytical Thinking Skills (ATS®) programme caters for the workforce by polishing professionals across various levels of the corporate ladder with tools that enhance communication, team building, problem solving, critical thinking, talent management and leadership skills, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition. 



“It was a pleasure working with Logicmills. Our requirement for a game that would engage all 800 people in our organization from mailroom staff to the C-suite people was well done. Further, the brief to ensure that all staff were familiar and understood the new KPIs of the company was effectively done through the game.”

- Simon Newman, Aviva Singapore

“We licensed programmes from Logicmills and infused them into our WSQ programmes. They have a wide selection of programmes (activities), which are fun and impactful, with great debriefing exercises. The founder, Professor, is brilliant.”

- Anthony Chew, NTUC


“The training allowed my team to better understand their own strengths and weaknesses in making decisions. The 2-day course was also useful in helping some of the team members to work more collegiality together. The a-ha momen on some of their face was priceless."

- Simon Cheok, Safran Electronics Asia Pte Ltd (SEA)


“Unforseen consequence of policy decisions is an extreme difficult topic to teach. LogicMills did it extremely well by allowing the participants to discover the process by themselves and then by consolidating and extending the discovery through an expert facilitator. Well done." 

- HR manager, Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI)


“LogicMills worked with my team to customise a training session for 200 new middle managers. It was extremely well-run and everything went off like clock-work."

- Andrew Osborne, KPMG


"LogicMills workshop on improving employability skills using games is really interesting and effective. It gives the immediate self-realisation effect of training outcome." 

- Cynthia, Participant


 "I took MirMe Situational Intelligence Assessment (SQ) and found it very useful for understanding any skill profile. Through awareness of my own skill profile, I can develop strategies to maximize my strengths and minimize my weaknesses."

- Gina, Participant